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America's IT Doctors "Some Doctors Still Make House Calls"

America's IT Doctors was founded February 2012 in Atlanta GA. The company started out as a door to door mobile computer repair service taking care of residential customers. Hence the slogan, "Some Doctors Still Make House Calls". During the year of 2013 the decision was made to start transitioning the company focus from the residential market to the small and medium sized business market and start servicing more businesses.

The year 2014 marked the year that America's IT Doctors made the decision to solely provide support for businesses. Although this decision was made, up until this day we still take care of our original residential clients. Because maintaining our high level of customer service, is very important to us.

We are an IT service provider that specializes in helping small to medium sized businesses save money, by utilizing their technology to its fullest potential. We offer a wide range of services which include IT Support, IT Maintenance, System Monitoring, Backup Solutions, Network Security and IT Consulting.

Working With America's IT Doctors

When you choose America's IT Doctors as your IT service provider, you aren't just solving your company's current IT problems. You are also eliminating future headaches for your business and reducing the number of "random" hiccups you run into. Not only that but, you are also starting a friendship with a reputable company that will last for years.